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The Best Play Table Ever!

One night I was staring at an ugly brown table in my basement wondering how much I would sell it for on Kijiji, when I got the genius idea to turn it into a play table for my son by cutting off the legs and slapping on a fresh coat of paint. I don’t have a picture of this because I’m really bad at taking before pictures. My excitement takes over and I start right away – I promise I’ll get better at this.

I wanted something cute that didn’t look like a typical store-bought table so, off I went to Pinterest for some inspiration. I came across this post from Live a Little Wilder that was exactly what I was looking for! For this project I used:

  • An old rusty looking table (free)
  • 3 1×3 lumber from Home Depot ($2.50 each)
  • Mini roller
  • Leftover paint laying around my house in various colours (acrylic craft paint or latex)
  • Painters tape
  • Foam brush
  • Miniwax Polycrylic Protective Finish Top Coat (a staple in my house )

I measured a typical height of train table and cut off the legs of my table accordingly. I wanted it to have a small edge around the perimeter so cars, trucks and other toys wouldn’t fall off so I purchased some rough lumber to attach to the sides. Measure, cut, drill, repeat and all of a sudden my table had an edge!

I painted the whole table white and let it dry. Then I taped an abstract design that would serve as my “roads”. Isn’t she cute already?!


Ok so here’s where it gets fun! I dug out some old paint I had on hand for the grass and water. One green was the colour of a bench in my entrance, the other green was dollar store craft paint and the blue was the colour of my son’s room.  I used a mini roller and foam brush to paint a couple coats of each colour and voila! When they all came together it was magical!

Once it was dry, I put a top coat of Miniwax polycrylic protective finish for durability using a foam brush. Be sure to use thin strokes and do a couple of coats. If you use too much it will be too thick and turn yellow.


I could not be happier with how it turned out and I was so glad I was able to turn that dirty brown table into something new and beautiful again. This table only ended up costing me about $25 (wood and white paint) which was a total steal!! I ended up giving this to my son as a Christmas present and here he is when he discovered it in our basement – it made my heart happy and in the end it was worth the trouble of rushing to get it finished between the napping habits of a toddler and newborn.



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