The Easy Peasy Personalized Pillow

When I was home with my first baby and breastfeeding every couple of hours, I spent a lot of time on the couch watching The Social, browsing Pinterest and dreaming up grand project ideas. As I slowly started to get out of the house, I would pick things up as I saw them (on sale obviously!). This brings me to this sweet little velvet pillow. (My son ripped off a ball and spilled milk on it but it gives it some character right?)

I picked it up for $9 at Homesense with the intention of personalizing it with his name. Fast forward 2 years (and 2 kids) later and I finally got around to finishing it. For this project I used:

Step 1 – Wash and dry your fabric and pillow case. This is an important step so it is pre-shrunk.

Step 2- Cut out fabric letters. I found some online templates for letters, printed them, pinned them to the fabric (his baby receiving blankets) and cut them out. Easy.

Step 3 – Apply Heat N Bond to letters and iron on to pillow case. Lay out the sheet of Heat N Bond and cut out the same letters to match your fabric letters – then iron them together. Follow the directions on the package. Be sure to read them carefully to make sure you are ironing onto the correct side of the fabric (I was confused at first and had to read them several times). If you want your pillow to be no-sew, stop here – you are done! Or you can read on for next level cuteness.

Step 4 – Add a decorative stitch. Choose your favourite decorative stitch on your sewing machine and go to work! Stay close to the edge (or just slightly over the edge) of the letters using a contrasting colour of thread for maximum impact! I’m not very good at this yet – it definitely takes some practice but it looks good from afar when it’s all said and done.

I used a zig-zag stitch with orange thread.

So there you have it. This project is so easy and can be completed in about 30 minutes or less. And look how nice it looks on his bed! Comment below if you tried it and show me your work – I’d love to see it! This is a decorative pillow but you can use a regular pillowcase as well. I might just try that next.

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