DIY Upcycled Toddler Apron

My mom has been doing some spring cleaning in my Nonna’s closet (Nonna= grandmother in Italian) and has been giving me random dresses of various colours and patterns to use for future sewing projects. In the pile of treasures was this cute little dress (I have memories of my Nonna wearing it!). My Nonna actually… Continue reading DIY Upcycled Toddler Apron


The Easy Peasy Personalized Pillow

When I was home with my first baby and breastfeeding every couple of hours, I spent a lot of time on the couch watching The Social, browsing Pinterest and dreaming up grand project ideas. As I slowly started to get out of the house, I would pick things up as I saw them (on sale obviously!).… Continue reading The Easy Peasy Personalized Pillow